Tubular Inspection

Tubular Inspection
Inspection of new and used drill pipe is essential to detecting defects that originate either in manufacturing or drilling.
Oracle Limited offers API-approved inspection services for drill collars, drillpipe, Hevi-Wate transition drillpipe, and other premium downhole tools.

Using the latest nondestructive testing equipment, highly trained and qualified Oracle personnel provide a full range of OCTG inspection services that include a variety of third-party standards

Below is a list of our inspection services.

• Complete thread inspection (APT-TI)
• Visual Inspection (VT)
• Dimensional inspection (DI)
• Magnetic Particle (MT)
• Liquid-dye penetrant (PT)
• Ultrasonic inspection of rotary shouldered connections (UT-RSC)
• Ultrasonic Inspection of high-stress areas and tube upsets (UTEA)
• Electromagnetic inspection (EMI)
• Full-length ultrasonic inspection (FLUT)